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The Grand Design, LLC seeks to minimize the environmental impact of the work we do. The construction industry has traditionally been one of the most wasteful on the planet, and we are constantly scrutinizing our practices to find better, more sustainable methods of work.  It is our hope that our work will contribute positively to the environment on both local and global levels.

   To this end, The Grand Design:

• Encourages the use of sustainable materials wherever       



• Encourages the use of materials that result in the lowest             energy costs in the long term.             


• Strives to provide the highest-quality indoor air through

the use of natural materials and proper air-handling systems.

• Donates all usable second-hand construction materials to

individuals or organizations that will re-use them.   

• Re-uses material wherever it is practical.

• Recycles as much construction waste as is possible or       


• Will not put anything into the landfill that can be re-used or



•Aims to use subcontractors who will implement these practices.


•Aims to inspire other workers, contractors, and  homeowners to adopt these practices.






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